Monday, July 30, 2012

August: What I'm looking for

New month, new list and new ideas

  1. A couple pairs of casual dressy shoes, small heel.
  2. Baby stroller 
  3. Blazer for my Halloween costume
  4. Trench for my husbands Halloween costume
  5. A light weight cardigan
  6. Tank tops for layering
  7. A silk shirt
  8. A ruffled top
  9. Grey dress pants
  10. Books to read over next few weeks


  1. I like having a thrifting list to keep me focused! Good idea!

  2. Paying you a visit! Looks like you have quite a list there. I too need a cardi, a good black blazer that can go with everything, a pair of nude shoes or animal print shoes, also a new pair of black jeans. Oh dear! :)

  3. I love that you made a list! I do the same thing! I think it really helps to stay focused in a huge overwhelming thrift store!


  4. Thanks girls! Hope you all find great goodies for August!