Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I'm Looking For- May 2013

With my husbands new work hours, I'm not getting out to thrift or yard sale that often- (we are a 1 car household).  But that's alright since we are overflowing with things in our home.  My donations have tapered off and I'm saying to myself- "Ok, I'm good on shorts, don't need anymore Nintendo toys, enough with baby clothing".  I shopped on ebay a few times this week for fun and have to say it's a pleasure to search for good deals and have them shipped pretty fast.

So without further ado, my May list!

  1. Sunglasses- I broke mine! Oops!
  2. Boys swim trunks (size 10, size 7/8)
  3. Garbage Pail kids- for me!
  4. Check out the jewelry counters!
  5. T-shirts/tops for myself
  6. Flats or sandels
  7. T-shirts for my daughter
  8. An umbrella or 2- never have one when I need one!
  9. Baby board books
  10. An outdoor toy for the spring/summer

Friday, April 26, 2013

One of my favorite finds this year!

See what cool things you can find at the thrift!  This Thomas the Train ride on toy was 3.99 with working batteries.  The bottom needed to be dusted off good, looked like he'd been in a basement for awhile.  :)
I found this earlier this year, in the kids clothing section.  Some little person must have rode it over away from where the ride on toys are typically kept.  My 16 month old son loves it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

What I'm Looking For- APRIL 2013

Been spending most of our days spring cleaning.  I don't have the shopping bug as much now, seeing how much we already own.  So I'm a bit more mellow but still shopping at least 1x a week.  It's yard sale season again which is fun for finding less picked over items.

Here are a few things I'm keeping my eyes peeled for.
  1. A sunhat (in very clean condition)
  2. Flats for myself
  3. Vintage costume jewelry
  4. Garbage Pail Kids
  5. Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank books/toys
  6. Light weight long sleeved tops for myself
  7. A new bag- I'm open to any style
  8. Anything to resell on ebay that I have a good feeling about.