Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Donating back

    Anyone else donating lately?  I've probably dropped 10 trash sized bags off since the start of 2012.  I've been donating smaller bags now, grocery sized, since it's been harder to let go now.  
    I had an awesome pair of grey heels in my closet, never worn, rounded toes, size 11.  Been holding on to them since I love the color grey.  
These will find a good home- new with out tags/box- JCPennys
 At the end of October, we all stopped in Goodwill to find a jacket for my husbands "Mulder" costume and I found a cute pair of grey heels in a size 10.  I will have to update this post with a photo!  Just very happy and excited to trade up to something more functional and hopefully someone will find my old unused pair and enjoy them!
    Here they are- Nine West, with sweet black heels.


  1. Yes ! this year has been one of my biggest donating years. I have (slowly) been getting rid of most of my things, to make life a bit more simple and manageable. I'm also trying to find somewhere I can donate christmas gifts too for many never used things I'd like to let go of, but have not found anywhere to do that yet.

    I'm currently holding a giveaway over at my blog

  2. Thank you for your comment! I just had to enter your giveaway!!