Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thrifty musings for the new month.

Wow, can't believe it's December already!  This time last year I was almost 9 months pregnant and waiting on my Christmas baby.  He was born December 26th at 7:45am, just missed Christmas.  
I've had a great year thrifting.  80% of my maternity clothes were thrifted and 75% of the babies clothing has been thrifted.

One of my latest finds is this baby jacket from Le Top for 2.49.

Also picked up some cute clothing for my daughter.  The blue top is from Express 2.49.  The brick red top is Simply Vera 2.49.  And the black light weight coat w/o tag was 3.99.


  1. Nothing better than a great find at the thrift store!

  2. Yes, and we are making great use of all these items! :)