Monday, April 8, 2013

What I'm Looking For- APRIL 2013

Been spending most of our days spring cleaning.  I don't have the shopping bug as much now, seeing how much we already own.  So I'm a bit more mellow but still shopping at least 1x a week.  It's yard sale season again which is fun for finding less picked over items.

Here are a few things I'm keeping my eyes peeled for.
  1. A sunhat (in very clean condition)
  2. Flats for myself
  3. Vintage costume jewelry
  4. Garbage Pail Kids
  5. Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank books/toys
  6. Light weight long sleeved tops for myself
  7. A new bag- I'm open to any style
  8. Anything to resell on ebay that I have a good feeling about.

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