Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Thrifting musings part 1

Happy 2014! 
This year will be what I consider my third full time year of thrifting.  Full time being thrifting 2 or 3 times a week year round.  Almost all my clothing, books, childrens toys, childrens clothing and home decor are found at our South East Tennessee Goodwills.

Years ago when we lived in NY and my eldest children were toddlers, I would thrift just as often at a Savers and a Salvation Army location.  This was mostly for ebay reselling and to outfit the kids in Gymboree and other great resellable brands.  I rarely bought for myself.  I could have, but was between sizes so often with pregnancy.

It wasn't until my last pregnancy in 2011 that I started turning to thrift with regularity.  I do still pick up items to hold for resell but my focus is more on now what we need and will use 

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  1. Hi Jaclyn, you must be like me. I buy all my stuff in thrift stores and second hand outlets. Love the lower prices for usually good stuff!