Friday, February 28, 2014

March Must Finds!

Here is my must-find list for thrifting this March.  We had a mellow February, it seems like the Goodwills near us have less and less toys. Luckily it's almost yard sale season!

  1. Clothing for my boys 3T/4, 8/10 and 12/14
  2. Dresses for me, lightweight, small floral print
  3. A couple cardigans
  4. Anything Mickey Mouse clubhouse
  5. Flower pots
  6. Disney items to resell
  7. Caillou dvds
  8. Mangas for my daughter
  9. Any foreign films on dvd or vhs

1 comment:

  1. How're you doing on your list? Hope you made those finds! Thanks so much for entering my HomemadeSoapnSuch Giveaway today, Jaclyn!